Burbank Schools Citation Guide

MLA Citation Style, 6th Edition

Book (one author)
Johnson, Charles Richard. Middle Passage. New York: Atheneum, 1990

Book (two to three authors)

Leakey, Mary D. and Louis S. B. Leakey. Some String Figures from North East Angola. Lisboa: Museu do
Dundo, 1949.

Encyclopedia Article (signed article)

King, Charles. “Magna Carta.” The New Encyclopedia Britannica. 17th ed. 2001

Encyclopedia Article (unsigned)

“Broccoli.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 25th ed. 2004

Magazine Article

Cook, Mariana. “Cousin Kay.” Victoria. Nov. 2001: 27-28

Newspaper Article

Johnston, David Cay. “Got Game? Got Old Game?” New York Times. 11 July 2003
late ed., F1+


McNally, John, ed. Humor Me: An Anthology of Humor by Writers of Color. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 2002.

Work in an Anthology

James, Henry. “The Friends of the Friends.” The Norton Book of Ghost Stories. Ed. Brad Leithauser.
New York: Norton, 1994. 40-60.

WWW Home Page

The Edith Wharton Society. Ed. Donna Campbell. 5 Aug 2003. Gonzaga U. 14 Aug. 2003.

Document from a WWW Site

Oates, Joyce Carol. “About Wuthering Heights.” The New Journal of Literature (11) (2003): 127-146.
Celestial Timepiece: A Joyce Carol Oates Home Page. Ed. Randy Smith. 2004. U of San Francisco.
14 Aug. 2004. http://storm.usfca.edu/~smith/wuthering.html

Item from a Library Database

Clark, Zsuzsanna. “The Poetry Slam.” Poetry Reader. 31 July 2004: 16. Columbia Index of Poetry.
Burbank High School Library, Burbank, 30 Sept. 2004.

Face to Face
Pei, I.M. Personal Interview, 27 February 2004

By Phone
Clinton, William. Telephone Interview, 10 March 2006

By Letter
Morrison, Toni. Letter to the author. 2 May 2006

On Television
Morrison, Toni. Interview. McNeil/Lehrer News Hour. KCET, Los Angeles. 21 Apr 2008

Works Cited Formats

Encyclopedia Article (signed)

AUTHOR (Last name, First Name) ___(period).

TITLE OF ARTICLE (In quotes)__(period).

NAME OF ENCYCLOPEDIA (Underlined)__(period).

EDITION _ed. (If there is an edition number) COPYRIGHT __

Example: King, Charles. “Magna Carta.” The New Encyclopedia. 18th ed. 2003

Encyclopedia Article (unsigned)

TITLE OF ARTICLE (in quotes) __ (period).

NAME OF ENCYCLOPEDIA (Underlined) __(period).

EDITION _ed. (If there is an edition number) COPYRIGHT ___

Example: “Lettuce.” The Encyclopedia of Vegetables. 1st ed. 2006

One Book, One Author

AUTHOR (Last Name, First Name) __(period).

TITLE OF BOOK (underlined)___(period).


PUBLISHER __ (period). Copyright

Example: Jones, Martha. Cooking for a Crowd. New York: Dutton’s. 2006


TITLE OF WEBSITE (in quotes)__

DATE (Day Month Year) (period). _.

<URL> (using angle brackets)

“Remodeling a Kitchen” 29 March 2006. <http://www.kitchenremodels.com>

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