General Info

Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory Wiki:
Massive genealogy "mega portal" with links to worldwide Internet genealogy and family history databases.

Cyndi's List: Popular portal for genealogy websites.

Locating Relatives

IRS Letter-Forwarding Program

Salvation Army Missing Persons Service

Social Security Letter Forwarding


LA Times Obituaries Archive: 2001 to present. Nationwide obituary searches.

Obtaining Records

California Vital Records: Birth, death, and marriage certificates.

State-by-State Addresses for Vital Records The CDC's webpage on on obtaining vital records.

Specialized Databases

Antiquus Morbus: Glossary of archaic medical terms, a resource for interpreting causes of death.

Military Records Databases: Search using a free 7-day trial.


Burbank California Family History Center Local branch of the Family History Library (Church of Latter Day Saints) and open to the public.

California African American Genealogical Society

California Historical Societies: List of California Historical Societies websites.

California State Genealogical Alliance: Statewide association of independent genealogical societies.

Immigrant Genealogical Society: Burbank-based organization helping people trace their origins, particularly from the German-speaking areas of Europe.

Los Angeles FamilySearch Library Branch of the Family History Library (Church of Latter Day Saints) and open to the public.

Southern California Genealogical Society Burbank-based society.

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