Affordable Care Act


Covered California:
This is where you sign up.

Enrollment Assistance
Search by zip code to find free in-person help from certified enrollment counselors, certified agents and county service agencies.
ACA Information and Enrollment events
Conducted by Los Angeles Public Library at various branches.
Covered California 101: A click-through presentation explains the basics. An excellent Obamacare overview for Californians.

General Medical Info

Diseases: Links to useful resources.
Drugs and Toxins: Links to useful resources.
Doctors and Hospitals: Links to useful resources.
Healthy Living Pages: Weight loss, exercise and more!
FDA Medical Device Registry List of medical devices and medical device manufacturers registered with the FDA.

The Flu and Measles

FluWidgetMed_English.gif Federal government website with lots of good info.
Flu Trends: Track world flu activity.
Flu Shot Finder Use your zip code.
Seasonal Flu Flu info from the CDC.

LA County Measles Info


Alternative Medicine
Acupuncturist License Verification Check your practitioner or file a complaint.
Chiropractors: Board of Examiners Check your practitioner's license.
Complimentary Medicine Index
EarthClinic: Herbal remedies.
Homeopaths: Find practitioners.
Integrative Medicine
Massage therapy: Find practitioners.
Rolfing: Find practitioners.
Sloan-Kettering: Herbs and botanicals.
Whole Health MD: Complementary and alternative medicine.

Topical Information
FDA Recalls: The latest.
Research Activities: The US Department of Health and Human Services' latest research results.

Blood Groups
Open Access Medical Journals
Genetics: From the NIH.
HealthMap: Worldwide outbreaks.
MedSpeak: Acronyms, terms defined.
Merck Manual: Free online access.
Physician's Desk Reference
Public Health Image Library: From the CDC
QuackWatch:Hoaxes, health frauds.
Visible Body: Take a tour.

Other Health Insurance Resources
Healthy Families Program: State of California online application for Medi-Cal for Families, Healthy Families Program, and Access for Infants and Mothers Program.
Actor's Fund: Health insurance for people in the entertainment industry.
California Health Advocates: Medicare advocacy and education for Californians.
Patient Advocate Foundation: Help with healthcare access and insurance issues.

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