Affordable Care Act


Covered California:
This is where you sign up.

Enrollment Assistance
Search by zip code to find free in-person help from certified enrollment counselors, certified agents and county service agencies.
ACA Information and Enrollment events
Conducted by Los Angeles Public Library at various branches.
Covered California 101: A click-through presentation explains the basics. An excellent Obamacare overview for Californians.
Kaiser Foundation Obamacare video: Explains the program generally.
Affordable Care Act Law: The actual text of the law.

General Medical Info

Diseases: Links to useful resources.
Drugs and Toxins: Links to useful resources.
Doctors and Hospitals: Links to useful resources.
Healthy Living Pages: Weight loss, exercise and more!
FDA Medical Device Registry List of medical devices and medical device manufacturers registered with the FDA.

The Flu

FluWidgetMed_English.gif Federal government website with lots of good info.
Flu Trends: Track world flu activity.
Flu Shot Finder Use your zip code.
Seasonal Flu Flu info from the CDC.


Alternative Medicine
Acupuncturist License Verification Check your practitioner or file a complaint.
Chiropractors: Board of Examiners Check your practitioner's license.
Complimentary Medicine Index
EarthClinic: Herbal remedies.
Homeopaths: Find practitioners.
Integrative Medicine
Massage therapy: Find practitioners.
Rolfing: Find practitioners.
Sloan-Kettering: Herbs and botanicals.
Whole Health MD: Complementary and alternative medicine.

Topical Information
FDA Recalls: The latest.
Research Activities: The US Department of Health and Human Services' latest research results.

Blood Groups
Open Access Medical Journals
Genetics: From the NIH.
HealthMap: Worldwide outbreaks.
MedSpeak: Acronyms, terms defined.
Merck Manual: Free online access.
Physician's Desk Reference
Public Health Image Library: From the CDC
QuackWatch:Hoaxes, health frauds.
Visible Body: Take a tour.

Other Health Insurance Resources
Healthy Families Program: State of California online application for Medi-Cal for Families, Healthy Families Program, and Access for Infants and Mothers Program.
Actor's Fund: Health insurance for people in the entertainment industry.
California Health Advocates: Medicare advocacy and education for Californians.
Patient Advocate Foundation: Help with healthcare access and insurance issues.

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