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(DR)=Central Library Desk Reference
(SR)=Central Library Storage Room
(BV)=Buena Vista Branch Library

FEIR=Final Environmental Impact Report
DEIR=Draft Environmental Impact Report

  • Widening and Seismic Retrofitting of the Riverside Drive Bridge, Notice of Preparation, DEIR, 6/8/2007 (DR)
  • All-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2010 (SR)
  • Removal Action Work Plan, 1/2005 (SR)
  • City of Burbank Source Reduction and Recycling Element and Household Hazardous Waste Element, Final Draft, 4/1991 (SR)

City of Los Angeles

  • Integrated Resources Plan, DEIR, 2 Volumes, 11/2005 (SR)(BV)
  • Integrated Resources Plan, FEIR, 9/2006 (SR)(BV)

Department of Water and Power

  • Upper Reach, River Supply Conduit Improvement Project DEIR, 3/2008 (BV)

County of Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, Draft, 2 Volumes, 1/2007 (DR)
  • Los Angeles County Hazardous Waste Management Plan, 9/1988 (SR)

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