Sister Cities

Burbank currently has four sister cities:

  • Solna, Sweden (1960) - When the City of Burbank decided to participate in the Sister City International program, Solna, Sweden was selected because of its many characteristics in common with Burbank. Solna's main industries are films and electronics; it has an airport; and it is adjacent to another major city, Stockholm.
  • Incheon, Republic of Korea (1961) - The friendship between the citizens of Burbank and Incheon was the result of a letter from an Incheon student requesting books written in English so that the people of his community could learn English and find out about the American way of life. "Books for Korea" became a huge Burbank community project. So many books were donated that the citizens of Incheon decided to build the Bupyong Cultural Center to house the books.
  • Gaborone, Botswana (1975) - Burbank City Council member Bill Rudell requested that Gaborone be invited to be Burbank's third Sister City. Mr. Rudell had worked as Consul General in Botswana during its 1967 move for independence. The invitation to become Sister Cities was enthusiastically accepted by Gaborone.
  • Ota, Japan (1984) - Ota invited Burbank to join with them in an affiliation since both cities manufactured fighter airplanes used during World War II. The friendship with Ota has been especially active. In a cultural exchange program, Burbank students and Ota high school students travel to each other's city on alternate years for a two week visit.

The concept of Sister City affiliations between the United States and other nations began shortly after the Second World War. It developed into a national initiative when then President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposed the people-to-people program at a While House Conference in 1956. His intention was to lessen the chance of future world conflicts by involving people at all levels of our society in personal citizen diplomacy.

The mission of Burbank's Sister City Committee is to promote communication, goodwill and cultural awareness between the City of Burbank and its designated Sister Cities.

The Burbank Sister City Committee is composed of volunteers from the community. All are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. Meetings are held at 6:30 pm. on the first Monday of each month in the auditorium of the Central Library.

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