The Titanic

910.453 Ballard, Robert D. The Discovery of the Titanic (illust. by Ken Marschall) [All]

910.453 Ballard, Robert D. Return to Titanic: a new look at the world’s most famous lost ship [C/BV]
910.453 Barratt, Nick Lost Voices from the Titanic: the definitive oral history [C]
910.453 Biel, Steven Down with the Old Canoe: a cultural history of the Titanic disaster [C]
910.453 Butler, Daniel Allen Unsinkable: the full story of the RMS Titanic [All]
791.4372 Cameron, James Titanic: James Cameron’s illustrated screenplay (annotated by Randall Frakes) [C]
910.453 Davie, Michael Titanic: the death and life of a legend [C]
910.453 Eaton, John P. Titanic, Triumph and Tragedy [C]
791.437 X-O James Cameron’s Titanic [All]
910.453 Jessop, Violet Titanic Survivor: the newly discovered memoirs of Violet Jesop who survived both the Titanic and Britannic disasters [C/NW]
Large Print Lord, Walter
910.09 The Night Lives On [BV]
910.09 Lord, Walter The Night Lives On [C/BV]
910.453 Lynch, Donald Ghosts of the Abyss: a journey into the heart of the Titanic (with Ken Marschall, introduction by James Cameron) [C]
910.453 Marriott, Leo
X-O Titanic [BV]
759.13 Marschall, Ken X-O Ken Marschall’s Art of Titanic [C/BV]
910.453 Marschall, Ken X-O Titanic: an illustrated history (paintings by ken Marschall; text by Donald Lynch; introduction by Robert D. Ballard) [C/NW]
910.4 Marshall, Logan Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters [C]
910.453 Matsen, Brad Titanic’s last Secrets: the further adventures of shadow divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler [C]
363.123 McCarty, Jennifer Hooper What Really Sank the Titanic: new forensic discoveries [C/BV]
910.453 McCaughan, Michael The Birth of the Titanic [C]
910.453 McMillan, Beverly Titanic: Fortune & Fate: catalogue from the mariners’ Museum Exhibition [C]

910.453 McPherson, Stephanie S. Iceberg Right Ahead: the tragedy of the Titanic [All]
910.453 O’Donnell, E.E. X-O The Last Days of the Titanic: photographs and mementos of the tragic maiden voyage [All]
791.4372 Parisi, Paula Titanic and the Making of James Cameron: the inside story of the three-year adventure that rewrote motion picture history [C]
910.453 Pellegrino, Charles R. Ghosts of the Titanic [C/NW]

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