Bus Service in Burbank

MTA system

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Destinations in Burbank, courtesy of Metro

If you're going to…
…then take

Bob Hope Airport - 94, 163, 165, 394
Buena Vista Library - 96, BBNHS
Burbank Central Library - 92, 155, 183
Burbank Shopping Area - 163, 183
Disney Studio/NBC Studios - 96, 152, BBMD, BBNHS
Media City Center/Downtown Burbank - 92, 94, 96, 154, 155, 164, 165, 183, 292, 394
Metro Red Line/Orange Line - 152, 154, 183, BB Empire, BBNHS
Northwest Branch Library - 164
Providence St. Joseph Medical Center - 96, 155, BBMD
Warner Brothers Studio - 96, 155, 163, BBMD
Woodbury University - 92
Valhalla Memorial Park - 164

BBMD = Burbank Bus - Burbank Metrolink - Media District
BBNHS = Burbank Bus - North Hollywood Metro Rail Station - Media District

Bus lines connecting Central Library to Red Line

All depart from the stop across Glenoaks, on the north side of Olive (adjacent to City office trailers)

96 - every 30 minutes (very roughly) - to Universal City station

  • Do not take a 96 that says Burbank Metrolink, since they don't go beyond the Metrolink station!
  • The 96 goes west on Olive, south on Buena Vista, west on Alameda, west on Riverside, south on Cahuenga to Lankershim.
  • The 96 is subcontracted by MTA to a small operating company, so the buses look different, and they keep running when MTA is on strike! They are also more casual than MTA about sticking to the schedule.

155 (formerly 152) - to Universal City station

  • hourly, X:06 until 6:06, then 7:11, 8:11, 9:19, 10:19
  • West on Olive, south on Victory, west on Alameda, west on Rievrside, south on Lankershim

183 - direct line to the NoHo station (25 min.)

  • hourly, just after the hour (varies oddly, see schedule)
  • West on Olive, north on Victory, west on Magnolia
  • Last of the night is at 8:03

The last bus of the night is a 155, just after 10:15

Bus lines from Central to downtown L.A.

All depart from the south (other) side of Olive, in front of Varon Chiropractic


  • Least direct (about 50 min.), runs Glenoaks to Brand, then slaloms through Echo Park
  • In downtown L.A., goes south on Spring, north on Main; runs on Temple between Spring/Main and Glendale Blvd.

94 (394 limited)

  • Fastest (45-55 min.) and most frequent (at least 4 buses/hour before 7 p.m., 8/hour during rush hour)
  • San Fernando Road; in downtown L.A., runs on Hill
  • Note: the northbound 94 comes up Third instead of Glenoaks, stops by the courthouse. The northbound limited 394 stops on Third at Verdugo, then at Olive and San Fernando.

96 -

  • Least frequent, but most scenic - Glenoaks to Alameda to Victory, then Crystal Springs Road through Griffith Park, then Riverside
  • In downtown L.A., goes south on Grand, north on Olive

LADOT operates Commuter Express line 413 (fare $1.75, approx. 25 min. travel time—uses the 5 freeway south of Burbank)

  • Mon-Fri only, only into L.A. mornings, only out of L.A. evenings.
  • To downtown L.A. (Hill St.) departing Olive & San Fernando at 6:34, 6:59, 7:27, and 7:54
  • From downtown, departing Hill & Temple 4:22, 4:47, 5:14, 5:44 (starts at Hill & Washington about 15 minutes before these times)

Buses between Burbank Library locations

To Buena Vista:

  • 96 comes closest (stop on Buena Vista, south side of Olive)
  • The last 96 of the evening towards the Red Line is at 9:20
  • 183 stops at Magnolia and Buena Vista — long walk

To Northwest:

  • Line 164 runs on Victory, then on First St through downtown Burbank (must walk to/from First and Olive)
  • Northwest is also served by the 163, which runs on Hollywood Way, but it doesn't come near the rest of Burbank; the south end of its route runs via Barham to Hollywood Blvd between Vine and Highland

Glendale bus service

Glendale Beeline
Beeline routes are shown on the MTA system map.

  • The 92 goes down Brand Boulevard past the Galleria.
  • The 92, 94, 96 and 183 all intersect/overlap with Beeline routes:
  • Beeline 7 loops up Glenoaks to Alameda and then down San Fernando.
  • The 183 also connects with Beeline 5 which runs up and down Pacific.
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